Monday, June 29, 2009

How the Democratic Party nearly destroyed themselves and the planet

I can't help but agree with Paul Krugman's OP-Ed in the New York Times.

How can democrats vote against the Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill which, no thanks to them, got passed by the skin of its teeth? Shame on those who did not support the bill. I thought that for once- since I've been voting in the mid- 1980's, that the democrats would finally dispel their image of a non-united bunch of selfish intellectuals, run by a bunch of corporate lobbyists. But nooooo. The nay voters had to prove that the democratic party is indeed what its cliche claims.

The worst part is it shows that the hypocritical caring party does not care because it is indeed hypocritical. How can those people claim they are democrats? They should join the GOP instead!

Photo by Fred R. Conrad/NY Times

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Voted for a President and not a celebrity

Dear Mr. President:
I am one of your loyal volunteers. I never thought I would be complaining about you but I have to say, the fact that I am compelled to do it justifies this letter to you.

Bill Maher said it right on his show Friday (June 12 on HBO). Please assert yourself and follow-up with the promises you made during the campaign. I know that things look different from inside the white house fishbowl. And I also understand that you have to choose your battles. I also understand that you may have a staged response to certain issues. But there are fundamentals that you should not be compromising on. Namely- 1) protecting our constitution and making right what had damaged our constitutional rights. 2) Universal healthcare- it is an inalienable right. 3) Cleaning up the financial system and regulating it so that banks and brokers can no longer cheat and double dip. This is very important because it affects the core moral attitude towards treating people fairly. Also it is the core moral issue of how one conducts themselves as citizens of the world. Greed is not good. Greed is evil. And you have always understood that moral sense of duty. No one else does. 4) Environment- we need to wake up America and the world that again, greed only destroys. Don't settle for lesser reforms and changes to our industry. 5) Education is the way to help people understand others and care. And it should be open education, as in bringing in all manner of POV's. We see how limited and no education help shape prejudice and hate. As demonstrated by those who take rights and freedoms from others.

One note though- I am very proud to have helped get you elected as you have already changed the world's perception of the presidency, the United States and its people. That is a huge step towards greater understanding and the education of others on global issues.

Please- we all love you. You don't need to spend so much time showing that you're cool and one of the people.
Please be strong and don't waiver under nay sayers and cynics. You're the president because you are strong. and you have the support of your voters.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Creating My First Blog!

I wanted to find out how easy it is to put together a blog page. Well, here I am. Let it be known that anyyone, including my dogs can put a blog together. Thanks to!

However, it took a couple of hours and way past bed time. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure.