Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

I can't take seeing yet another heart wrenching and stomach turning image anymore. What world are we living in, with what people do we live with in this world when so much harm is done to animals, amphibians and fish who have nothing to do with our values? I won't even mention the human loss.

Sadness quickly gave way to anger when I considered how weak our President has been as a leader in such a crisis. So I wrote President Obama via the White House website:

Dear Mr. President:
I write with a deeply saddened and heavy heart after seeing photos how wild animals like birds and amphibians are suffering and dying from being drowned in oil sludge. It was like seeing humans torturing and killing the animals with their own hands. The
It's now 1-1/2 months since the start of the oil spill and it appears that you have stood by and done very little too late. Your constant trust of so called experts has put more in harms way than to save what precious living resource we have.
I understand that you are not an oil spill expert. I understand that we are all at the mercy of the very people who created the disaster. However, I do not understand why you are not leading. You are the guardian of our nation. You have the power and the leadership to demand immediate action.
We should not have waited a month before the first form of action was taken to quell the leak. Watching your inaction and trust in BP and their experts was like watching the 7 minutes of George W Bush's silence and inaction when he heard the 911 news.
I refuse to let things appear to be doomed. So please Mr. President, please take the lead and make powerful and consequential decisions to help save the suffering nature of the gulf. Please demand with conviction, BP's responsibility.
Please make immediate and decisive decisions. Please don't drag your feet just because maybe, just maybe someone might have a better idea. You can wait forever.
Please take the lead as our President and I will give you all of my support. Thank you. Sincerely, Elizabeth